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Discovery launch DPlay Plus: 3.99 € per month for premium content

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Discovery launch DPlay Plus: 3.99 € per month for premium content

Discovery launches the new pay-service which back up the already existing once on the operating systems. It will permit the access to over 1000 hours of content and premium channels. The on-demand Discovery system will be also available in a “pay” version to offer the access through internet to the network premium channels. It will cost 3.99€ per month, but at the beginning it will be a free trial period of 14 days to test all the contents, over 1000 hours according to Discovery.

DPlay+ subscribers, compared to what can be seen with the normal platform DPlay, will have channel live streaming, hundreds of hours on demand content, “box sets” focused on cult movies, worldwide exclusive, and preview available only to subscribers, everything without ads. The most important part is definitely represented by Discovery Channel and Discovery Science. Interesting is also the possibility for the Delay+ subscribers to access to content previews that will have broadcasted on the free-to-air channels. The “Plus” version will be included into the Play app that will remain for free with the already available. The app is available for Android, iOS and AppleTV. The launch of the pay-service and the fact that it will be available for AppleTV, suggests that Discovery is preparing for the new “AppleTV” that will be available, also in Italy, in a few months.